600 Bottles of Wine to be represented by Escapade Media for global release

Cockatoo Colab co-founder Bec Bignell, producer on the series, commented, “I was interested in how we could develop an audience-centered series by drawing insights from the successful proof of concept blog. The series was designed bespoke, based on these insights, to deliver a signature experience that flows from one scene to the next through feeling, tone and texture. 600 Bottles of Wine conveys a cozy corner, evolving maturity, bold sexuality and genuine vulnerability offset with humor and a drop of wine.”


600 Bottles of Wine

Cockatoo Colab production, 600 Bottles of Wine, is part of the OFFICIAL SELECTION for LA WEBFEST! 
• Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy - Grace Rouvray
• Outstanding Lead Actor in a comedy - Angus McLaren @mrangusmclaren
• Outstanding supporting Actress in a comedy - Stephanie Baine @stephbainexx
• Outstanding writing in a comedy - Grace Rouvray
We are popping the champers tonight! 
Directed by Ainslie Clouston
Produced by Bec Bignell
Written by Grace Rouvray
Photography by @alexvaughanphoto





Bec on ABC Mornings with Christine Layton

They discuss Rain Dance and how it represents a different way to make media with local communities.



Sydney Actors Collective · January 2 

“Bec Bignell is a force!

That is the only way to describe her. She is what the Los Angeles powerhouses are yearning for, a true 'hyphenate'. 


Sydney Actors Collective January 2 


Meet Bec Bignell.

I grew up in a pocket of regional WA so I cultivated an activeimagination to keep myself occupied. The wide-open spaces and the amazing characters I met during my childhood influenced a lifelong obsession with storytelling, which I like to channel through acting. 



Start-up reimagines the media landscape. Dominating social media to launch their first web series

Australian start up – Cockatoo Co.lab - has flipped the linear style of film distribution on it’s head by re-imagining the traditional media landscape through an audience centred approach where the story is created in partnership with the audience through a thriving digital community developed 1 year in advance to pre-production.