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taking innovation to rural australia and the asian region

Cockatoo Co.Lab an independent partnership network designed to activate innovation through new media experiences, working with people in their communities. 

We aim to reduce the gaps between the binaries* through a series of co-creative and co-located activities. 

* binaries such as the city and country / audience and creatives / physical and digital / linear and fluid / listening and broadcasting / silo and collective / history and future 

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our approach

Audience first

We start with the base premise found in human centred design that by working closely with the audience we can make more relevant media experiences and events.

We will locate the Agri-Arts Activator in rural and regional areas and invite local people to join in a series of workshops and events. These include integrated human centred design and performance workshops, which are aimed at eliciting stories, discovering talent, engaging the community in the making of films and other cultural artefacts.

Alongside the physical, we have a vibrant social media community in the form of Rural Room. Rural Room has an active community of nearly 60,000 people. 

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our approach

Future media experiences

Making media with people, rather than about them creates new opportunities. We expect to discover stories that have not been told beyond the community / to find and foster talent in people who live outside of metropolitan abundance / to create new ways of telling the stories found.

We believe that design and media-making are experiences that align with innovation and change. They offer ways of listening that unlocks truly human invention. From this, we will work with partners to generate new media experiences, through digital and physical channels


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our approach

Partnership networks

Cockatoo CoLab is a partnership vehicle. We have an extensive network of partners who see value in working with people in their own environment. Our job is to activate these partners and bring them into the venture. So, for example, we invite them to join in the on-the-ground work of developing expertise within the communities we work with. We invite staff of the partners we work with to spend time with us and the community to generate new things, at the same time learning from these communities – too often the assumption is that expertise comes from outside. We know it resides within.

Our partners include corporations, representative groups, government departments, not-for-profits, universities, cultural and sporting groups, to name a few. Feel free to join us to explore this space.


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our work

Recent activity

Cockatoo CoLab is proud to be associated with these initiatives. 

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Crinkling News launches,  Australia’s premiere national news and media literacy conference for children in Sydney.


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is a Facebook community of nearly 60,000 people living around Australia. 



An 8 part web series featuring friendship, terrible dating decisions and wine, launches Spring 2017 


Rain Dance explores regional Australia through a fictional storyline about two female shearers told with people on the ground, in real, lead character roles. Rain Dance is in development to be filmed in the Great Southern region WA in early 2018.

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Location #1

Rural Australia


Our venture starts in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. From here we move north, staying in a number of communities.

I told him that I had at first, when I had to go out to work so young, but I was used to it now and I didn’t feel lonely. There were always the birds and the animals in the bush. “They are like music to me.
— Albert B. Facey, A Fortunate Life
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