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This workshop is run in partnership with Sydney Actors Collective

This 1-day course will introduce you to critical concepts that will transform your idea and give you the direction you need to get your fantastic idea from the page to the screen.


This course teaches you the basics in how to produce and market your own work successfully. It spans across the areas of AUDIENCE, BUDGETING, BRAND, MARKETING & REACHING YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE, PR, WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA, DIGITAL PRODUCING and more.

Concepts to be explored in the course:

MEDIA PLATFORMS – An understanding of the different platforms available to you.  Understand audience behaviours to give context to multi-platform, trans media storytelling and the different formats of story. Which platform is perfect for your story?

AUDIENCE – A clear knowledge of your intended audience is critical. Who is your audience? How to do find them? How to keep them?

SPECIFICITY – Success is in the specifics. Are all your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed? or is your project riddled in vagueness (like most web series ideas).

GETTING DISCOVERED – The online space is a crowded mine field. How do you get your project to be noticed?

FUNDING – Money is key! Learn how to effectively crowd source and raise the funds for your project so you can get it off the page and into production!