Cockatoo Colab co-creative audience model

Cockatoo Colab thinks about the audience differently to the way mainstream media perceives these people. We like the idea of working from the ground up and making media with our audiences. We move away from the original meaning of the word audience as someone ‘who listens’ to one who participates, more like an assembly, which describes a ‘number of people who meet in the same place for a common object or purpose’.
We go a few steps further. Our audiences are not just gathering to passively enjoy our work, they are a part of the media-making, well before the scripts are written and the cameras roll. They become engaged in a 'media-world' that is generated around the story. And this doesn't end when the film credits do. The conversation, and in some cases, the activities extend beyond the screening and into the future.

How does this work?
We have developed a number of guiding principles to ensure that this is not co-opted into a marketing play. Instead, the audiences become the ones who keep the media honest and force us to respect the relationship we are in.
We start by scoping out the current networks, communities, interest groups and thought leaders in a range of spaces that we think are relevant (and stay open to new and unexpected ones).
This is simply tapping into the collections that are there already but largely left un-approached. Naturally, people respond more positively if they are attracted to the idea. So clear and relevant, not to mention compelling communication is needed at this point. We are opening a conversation. In fact, as most of these conversations lead to a friendship of some sort, we want to ensure that we set up ongoing lines of communication.
We don't much like the conventional language of people as demographic data or segments broken down by how people differ from each other. We prefer to find people as they come together around shared interests, purpose or passion.
We get to know how and where these people communicate with each other (from the places they gather to the media they enjoy, as well as when they access media).

Then the fun begins!
We've had some great experiences pulling these diverse communities together into 'media worlds'. It's a bit like starting a new friendship, uncertain, anxious, full of misunderstandings... until it starts to gel.