Multiple Formats: Rain Dance is a web series, repurposed as short form linear series and a Feature Film, to be toured in shearing sheds around regional Australia

Producer: Bec Bignell 

Point of difference: Rain Dance is a multi-media film project exploring regional Australia through a story about two female shearers. It’s a hybrid web series; the storyline is fictional however, local people (non actors) cast in character roles bring their unique selves to the film. The film project is developed collaboratively with a digital audience where the online community Rural Room is a unique listening device. The Rural Room community brings a critical eye to the development of Rain Dance and insist on genuine situations and an authentic representation of the diversity of people that populate the regions. 

Logline: A young woman returns to her family farm where she discovers pieces of the past that bring the community together but push her family further apart. 

Rain Dance will be filmed in the Great Southern region WA in late 2018.

Website: https://www.ruralroom.com/rr-projects/