Cockatoo Co.Lab is an independent New Media Production Company designed to activate innovation through media experiences, working with people in their communities – both online and in the physical world.

Cockatoo Co.Lab starts with a base premise found in human centred design to work closely with the audiences, creating media experiences and content events that are relevant. 

We believe that making media with people, rather than about them, creates new story telling opportunities. We discover stories that have not been told, in communities that are under represented, to find and foster new talent and to create new ways of telling the stories found. Design and media-making are experiences that naturally align with innovation and change, they offer ways of listening that unlocks truly human invention. From this listening position we generate new media experiences, through digital and physical channels. We also recycle content for multiple audience platforms by repurposing stories in re-versioned formats to address a diverse range of audience needs.

Bec Bignell (media) and Marius Foley (design).

We came together in the 2016 Asialink Leaders Program. We saw that there are new ways to gain insights in audiences and communities, which could enhance diversity in the way people are represented in media and elsewhere. 

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Bec Bignell

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Bec is a multi-hyphenate film and media professional who specialises in audience centred story telling and is passionate about recycling stories for multiple platforms. She has worked in film and media for twelve years and most recently was the Partnership Executive at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where she worked with International travelling broadcasters from Asia Pacific for Window on Australia Events including Channel News Asia, Chengdu TV, Guangdong Radio and Television and Shanghai Media Group. Bec is a Director of Mediaxpress NSW, a team of experienced media professionals dedicated to excellence in writing, editing, design, photography, video and production.  As an actor, Bec has performed with WAYTCoHayman Theatre, improvised comedy troupe The Big Hoo Haa (WA), NYTC, Upright Citizens Brigade (Los Angeles) TIE National tour (Sydney) and she has numerous film and TV credits. Bec produced the successful series 600 Bottles of Wine and is currently writing, producing and acting in a hybrid web-series, Rain Dance, about two female shearers which will be filmed in the Great Southern region of Western Australia in the coming months. 


Marius Foley

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Marius is RMIT's Program Manager of the Master of Design Futures. The program is a post-professional masters for designers and non-designers who are, or want to practice human centred design and design thinking. Students from the program will work in Service Design, Design Strategy or more broadly in organisational transformation. Marius also leads the Future Design Leadership course in the program. The course has a six-week mindfulness leadership workshop designed as both a lens on leadership as well as a leadership practice.

Marius is Co-director of Cockatoo Co-Lab, a travelling incubator and activator. 

Marius’ PhD title Co-creative Publics and Publication Design Practices investigated the shift in design to work directly with their audiences or publics, and the impact that has on the practice of design. The practice-based PhD was based on a research and redesign project for ABC Pool, one of the first social media sites, and identified as a ‘predictive project’, for the future of the national broadcaster.

Cockatoo CoLab: the ecosystem

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We’d like to share the story behind our brand with you…we like to co-create with underrepresented communities to involve a wider range of people in media making and to share stories that are sometimes overlooked. The Carnaby’s black cockatoo is an endangered bird in the Southwest region of WA, where Bec is from. The cockatoo in the logo represents endangered voices and stories that we need to bring awareness to so they’re protected and don’t become extinct. 

The animated logo is very personal- it represents the inner child and the idea of regeneration, reflection, humanity, growth, season, cycle and giving back, so that stories, life and creativity can flourish into the future for generations to come. The flight of the cockatoo symbolises freedom and a higher outlook- reminding us of our perspective in relation to the boundless energy of our awe inspiring universe. 

The CoLab- is for collaborate because above all, what we do is inclusive- we connect and we co-create with you. 

We’d like to think the abundantly talented, Isobel Knowles, for animating our logo.