We love stories that are yet untold. These stories can come from rural, remote and regional Australia, inner Sydney or outer Jakarta. We combine making media with designing audience centred strategies, generating meaningful partnerships, creating content and working the social networks.

Cockatoo Colab starts with the premise found in human centred design, working closely with audiences, creating media experiences and content events that represent the audience. We believe that making media with people, rather than about them, creates new story telling opportunities. We discover stories that have not been told, in communities that are underrepresented, to find and foster new talent and to create new ways of telling the stories found. Design and media-making are experiences that naturally align with innovation and change, they offer ways of listening that unlocks human invention.

From this listening position we generate new future media experiences, through digital channels and experiences in person. We also recycle content for multiple audience platforms by repurposing stories in re-versioned formats to address a diverse range of audience needs.

Our approach is underpinned by combined expertise in the fields of design, partnerships, media and film. We take a specialised and unique approach to building niche audience communities and multidimensional worlds around brands (business and personal) to make long lasting impact that is anchored from the ground up.  

AN ACTIVE EAR We listen to your purpose and vision to connect you to audiences and activate ecosystems.

CO-CREATE COMMUNITY We help you tap into social media and digital platforms to listen to the audience and co-build your brand voice and content distribution strategy for the community it’s intended for. We also tailor community development in the physical through tailored events and special programming designed to animate your brand and bring people together in public spaces.  

PARTNERSHIPS & DISTRIBUTION We have an invaluable network of contacts we connect our clients to for dynamic collaborations. We broker a wide range of partnerships that provide benefits including funding and exposure through extensive, aligned audience channels. We recognise quality content output needs to be supported by a strategic distribution model so your message can cut through the clutter to extend to the audience.

MULTIPLE PLATFORM Increased access to content has impacted a brand’s ability to implement a traditional, siloed communications, marketing and digital strategy as audiences are now vastly fragmented across different touchpoints and platforms. Many businesses have a healthy content reservoir but struggle with effective distribution to support their content cutting through clutter. We believe the best way to express the brand/s intentions is by engaging audiences through a cyclical, connected framework that integrates all parts of the business, the brand/s purpose, all exposure touch points, audience insights, content themes and intentions to make greater impact and return significant tangible and intangible outcomes.  

REGIONAL CREATIVE TALENT We attach city businesses to premium regional creatives to engage their services and increase cognitive diversity in creative work commissioned Australia wide.

AUDIENCE CENTRED STRATEGY We develop an integrated, multi-purpose, highly unique strategy that considers the whole life of content and integrates all content functions. Given the nature of our work relies on listening and responding we identify products and ways of working that often exist in future media formats.

EDUCATION We are committed to offering courses to upskill our clients, and creatives to provide pathways for emerging creatives and to share robust discussions with creative colleagues about the future state and things we have learnt.

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Our logo is the Black Cockatoo. The photograph is by Georgina Steytler.

The Baudin and Carnaby Black Cockatoo of South West Australia are endangered.

Cockatoo Colab pays our respect to this bird in flight. It also represents marginalised voices, that are overlooked to the point of extinction…

You can support the effort to save the Cocky here


Bec Bignell

Co-founder of




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I’m a creative who specialises in audience centred storytelling and I’m really excited about recycling content for multiple platforms. I’ve worked in film and media for twelve years, most recently as the Partnership Executive at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where I worked with International travelling broadcasters from Asia Pacific for ‘Window on Australia’ Events including Channel News Asia, Chengdu TV, Guangdong Radio and Television and Shanghai Media Group.

Raised on a farm in Western Australia, I’m a champion for regional Australia and the Founder of Rural Room, an online creative hub designed to release ‘stories from the sticks’ and nourish creative aspirations in the bush. I’m also the Producer of popular dually purposed short form series, ‘600 Bottles of Wine’ (BBC and Network Ten), and have numerous stage, film and television credits as an actor. I’m currently writing, producing and acting in a web-series, ‘Rain Dance’, which will be filmed in the Great Southern region of WA in the coming months. I was humbled to be named in the Australian Financial Review 2018 100 Women of Influence and I’m currently participating in the Australian Rural Leadership Program.


Marius Foley

Co-founder of



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I am a human centred designer, with an interest in designing new leadership models. I am keen to explore new media experiences, especially those that generate stories that come from the communities they represent.

My’ PhD ‘Co-creative Publics and Publication Design Practices’ investigated the shift in design to work directly with their audiences or publics, and the impact that has on the practice of design. The practice-based PhD was based on a research and redesign project for ABC Pool, one of the first social media sites, and identified as a ‘predictive project’, for the future of the national broadcaster