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Bec Bignell (media) and Marius Foley (design).

We came together in the 2016 Asialink Leaders Program. We saw that there are new ways to gain insights in audiences and communities, which would enhance diversity in the way people are represented in media and elsewhere. 

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Bec Bignell

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Bec is a partnership broker, marketer, producer, performer and writer. She has worked in film and media for twelve years and for the past two years she has worked for the ABC in the International division as the Senior Partnership Executive.

Since 2015 she worked with International travelling broadcasters from Asia Pacific for Window on Australia Events including Channel News Asia, Chengdu TV, Guangdong Radio and Television, Shanghai Media Group, Okezone, MetroTV, and NetTV.

Bec's audience centred approach to story creation is heavily influenced by her digital content marketing and partnerships background where she identifies and consults the audience through online engagement and insights at the outset so the story is developed interactively with the intended audience, rather than imposed upon an audience. Bec is very interested in digital storytelling and has just produced a new web series 600 Bottles of Wine. She is also passionate about digital literacy education and is helping Crinkling News (Australia’s only newspaper for kids) launch MediaMe, Australia’s first news and media literacy conference for children in November 2017.



Marius Foley

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Marius is RMIT's Program Manager of the Master of Design Futures. The program is a post-professional masters for designers and non-designers who are, or want to practice human centred design and design thinking. Students from the program will work in Service Design, Design Strategy or more broadly in organisational transformation. Marius also leads the Future Design Leadership course in the program. The course has a six-week mindfulness leadership workshop designed as both a lens on leadership as well as a leadership practice.

Marius is Co-director of Cockatoo Co-Lab, a travelling incubator and activator. 

Marius’ PhD title Co-creative Publics and Publication Design Practices investigated the shift in design to work directly with their audiences or publics, and the impact that has on the practice of design. The practice-based PhD was based on a research and redesign project for ABC Pool, one of the first social media sites, and identified as a ‘predictive project’, for the future of the national broadcaster.

Cockatoo CoLab: the ecosystem

cockatoo colab pty ltd acn 620 549 528



The parent company, Cockatoo CoLab is an incubator using a hybrid workshop model fusing performance with human centered design and design thinking methods.

Rural Room

A cultural launching pad built online and in physical environments to leverage the Arts & innovation in regional areas. 

RAIN Dance   

A multidisciplinary film project developed with regional people

Agri-Arts activator

A bespoke activator created by Cockatoo Colab designed to cultivate two streams of innovation:

  • One, to discover and develop regional talent for Rain Dance, and

  • Two, to incubate and activate authentic, regional ideas for community innovation activation

The outcomes of both streams help regional people to access their own voices to discover tangible, usable technologies anchored in film and design. These willremain in communities to continuously drive innovation and empower the emerging entrepreneurs.